Local Produce

Shirokawa, a mountain village of Okuiyo,
surrounded by rich nature and clean air,
we have been making Shochu using local produce over generations.

  • 城川栗

    Shirokawa-guri / Shirokawa Chestnuts

    Ehime Prefecture boasts the third largest production of chestnuts in Japan.
    In Shirokawa region, the large temperature difference between the day and night helps to produce one of the highest quality chestnuts.
    Around 1965, the locals wondered if there were any way of making good use of substandard sized chestnuts – that was the moment when we started our challenge. It was not all straightforward, and took almost 10 years, but after many trials and errors, the production of Chestnuts Shochu was started.

  • はだか麦

    Hadaka-mugi / Naked Barly

    Naked barley grains thrash easily from the hulls, this is why it's called 'naked (Hadaka)'.
    Ehime Prefecture, where HIMEBAYASHI is located, is the number one producer of this barley in Japan. The mild climate with little rainfall of this area provides the best growing condition for the barley. It also requires sea breezes during the growing season — people often say that the climate and the natural condition of the area nurtured the production of this barley.

  • 水


    The town of Shirokawa is rich in nature, surrounded by the Shikoku mountain range and its tributaries.
    The water in the Uonashi area, where HIMEBAYASHI is located, comes from a spring in the mountains behind Ryutakuji Temple, a few kilometers away from where we are. This is the blessing of the forest, and has long been known for its quality. It is an essential element for our Shochu to reflect the local flavor.

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