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In a mountain village in the south of Iyo area, near to the border with Tosa region,
a Shochu called "Daishi" has been produced for over 200 years.
This shochu is said to be the origin of "HIMEBAYASHI".
Our Shochu is mainly uses rice, chestnuts and barley (naked barley), all from the local area and has been trying to produce Shochu with an unique and rich flavor.

The origin of HIMEBAYASHI

In the first year of the Juei era (1182), Higonomori-Chikafusa was framed by a malignant retainer and the Emperor Sutoku deported him to the island of Iyo.
He then arrived the village of Tao in Uonashi and lived there.
In the third year of the same era, Tairano-Kimimori was defeated in the battle of Yashima, and fled to this place, where Chikafusa shed tears of grief and comforted him generously.
Then, Chikafusa's daughter gathered the princesses of her family and danced under the full moon of autumn, playing the flute, beating the drum and holding up silver grass to heal the heartbreak of the tragic Kimimori.
People call this dance “HIMEBAYASHI” – this is where our name come from.

Company Information

Company Name HIMEBAYASHI Co., Ltd.
Chairman Tomofumi Fujimaru
CEO Eita Fukui
Address 4598 Uonashi, Shirokawa-cho, Seiyo, Ehime, 797-1716, Japan
Tel +81- (0)894-82-0008
Fax +81- (0) 894-82-0267
Paid-in Capital 10,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 5
URL https://www.himebayashi.jp/
Group Company Papilles Co., Ltd.
  • 4598 Uonashi, Shirokawa-cho, Seiyo, Ehime, 797-1716, Japan
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